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What is it?

This is a wiki for discussing commons based peer-production of free content. One of the purposes of this site is to help coordinate work on Noƶsphere and the Planet-named sites that use it. But it isn't a Planet itself; it is more of a proto-planet. Hence – AsteroidMeta. AM is also, fittingly, the wiki home of the metamath family of projects. You'll find discussion about these projects and other even more meta things here. Enjoy!



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About AsteroidMeta

For help with markup, see Oddmuse:Text_Formatting_Rules and Oddmuse:Usemod_Markup_Extension, and latex-test for LaTeX. !AsteroidMeta was founded on January 30th, 2005.


A note from some members of PlanetMath who dislike this media.

For those who do like the medium, there are more wiki postings at the separate Meteorite wiki.